Google sign in

We recently upgraded our “Sign in with Google” implementation to the newest version. The transition should be seamless for all users but please contact support right away if you encounter any difficulty signing in.

Bug comments by email

We’ve recently upgraded our internal system for processing incoming email replies to comment notifications. You shouldn’t notice anything different. But please let us know right away if you are experiencing any issues with your emailed comments not appearing promptly. Thank you!

Service status

I apologize for the recent outages. Caravela depends on domain name service from and they are currently recovering from a denial of service attack. Everything should be back to normal soon.

New feature: Voting

A new feature has just been added to all trackers: bug voting. Voting is a way for users to express their interest in a bug who may not have anything new to add to the comments. How you use voting is up to you. Perhaps you’ll tell your users to vote for the bugs that they think are the most important to be fixed. Bug lists can then be sorted by the number of votes.


Voting is optional. You can enable it by ticking the “Allow voting on bugs” checkbox in your tracker’s settings.


Public trackers are slightly more public

A small change has been made to the workflow for joining public trackers (private trackers are unaffected by this change). Previously, new users needed to join your public tracker to view any of the bugs. Now, anyone can view the bugs in a public tracker without joining. Non-members cannot make changes to any bugs. A message appears within the bug tracker for non-members with a “Join Now” button if they want to comment, tag, or submit new bugs.

New tracker notification settings

Closing #4093, new notification settings have been added. On a tracker by tracker basis, you can now choose whether you want to be notified when bugs are created or deleted or when any bug is tagged, commented on, or closed (not just bugs you are subscribed to). You will find the settings on each bug tracker’s dashboard. Click Settings next to the search bar to choose which notifications you want. This new feature is especially useful for people who run a tracker and want to keep track of every new bug that is submitted.

Tracker notification settings

Double-click to edit

One small change and one bug fix recently.

First, you now need to double-click to edit bugs. Previously you could single-click the bug description to edit the description. Making it double-click is better because now you can click links and copy and paste text from the description without activating the editor.

The bug fix was for the export feature of bug reports. Bugs without tags were not being included in the export file. This is now fixed.

Bug navigation enhancement

I’ve often found myself browsing through bugs within a tag or search. Until now that meant opening bugs in a separate tab or going back and forth between the search results and the bug. A small usability enhancement now makes that a lot easier.


When you view one of the bugs from a search or tag, you will see a navigation strip beneath the bug number that allows you to move to the previous or next bug in the list. It also displays the total number of bugs in your search and where you are now (for example, “4 of 11 bugs”). And if you click that then you will be returned to those search results.

Filter My Bugs by Tracker

Just added a small enhancement on the My Bugs page. If, like me, you are involved in multiple projects with separate trackers, your My Bugs page can get pretty busy. To help with that, a row of buttons representing each Tracker you are a member of now appears above the list of bugs. Click any of the icons to toggle the display of the associated bugs in the list. And click the power icon on the far left to toggle all of the trackers in the list.

Bug export and import

Caravela has always had the ability to export and import bugs. The link is at the bottom right corner of each bug tracker’s dashboard (if you’re an admin). Today I’ve just added the ability to filter the exported bugs by one or more tags. Only bugs with all of the given tags will be exported. This can come in handy if, for example, you decide to move a whole class of bugs into a separate tracker. Export just those bugs by their common tag and import them into the new tracker.

This closes Bug 368 in the Caravela tracker. If you find any problems, please let me know by adding a comment to that bug. Thanks!