Caravela Upgrade

Caravela has just been through a rewrite that will make adding future updates easier. In addition, all requests to Caravela are now securely encrypted. You should see a green lock icon in your browser address bar at all times. Functionally, nothing has changed so please let us know if you notice any problems.

You may notice that the typography of the site has changed slightly. We were using Droid but now the site uses the Roboto family. I think you’ll find that Roboto is easier to read. It also includes a Condensed style that is used sparingly in places like form hints and bug lists.

Mobile device support

Caravela now has a nice responsive theme for use on devices with smaller screens like your phone or tablet. You don’t need to do anything to activate the new theme. Just visit Caravela on your phone or tablet and you’ll automatically see a version of the site optimized for your device.

On your desktop you probably won’t notice any differences (but you can preview the mobile theme by shrinking your browser window).

Please let me know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions for improvement.

Server maintenance @ March 7 11AM PST

Caravela will be undergoing required system maintenance on Saturday, March 7th, at 11 AM PST. Click here to see what time that is in your timezone.

The Caravela website could be offline for up to 2 hours but will most likely be offline for a much shorter period. The updates are required to protect the security of the Caravela service. There has been no breach of security or loss of data. This is a preemptive update to continue to keep your information safe and secure.

I know this may be inconvenient to some of you and I wish I could have provided more notice. Thanks for your understanding. Please don t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Fenced code blocks support

We’ve just added fenced code blocks support for Markdown in bug descriptions. That means you can use GitHub-style Markdown for blocks of code and get language-specific syntax highlighting. For example, to syntax highlight JavaScript code:

function test() {

The language identifier is optional and if not provided we’ll take a guess. We’re using highlight.js to do the syntax highlighting with support for the following languages: Apache, Bash, C#, C++, CSS, CoffeeScript, Diff, HTML, XML, HTTP, Ini, JSON, Java, JavaScript, Makefile, Markdown, Nginx, Objective C, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, SQL.

Google sign in

We recently upgraded our “Sign in with Google” implementation to the newest version. The transition should be seamless for all users but please contact support right away if you encounter any difficulty signing in.

Bug comments by email

We've recently upgraded our internal system for processing incoming email replies to comment notifications. You shouldn't notice anything different. But please let us know right away if you are experiencing any issues with your emailed comments not appearing promptly. Thank you!

Service status

I apologize for the recent outages. Caravela depends on domain name service from and they are currently recovering from a denial of service attack. Everything should be back to normal soon.

New feature: Voting

A new feature has just been added to all trackers: bug voting. Voting is a way for users to express their interest in a bug who may not have anything new to add to the comments. How you use voting is up to you. Perhaps you’ll tell your users to vote for the bugs that they think are the most important to be fixed. Bug lists can then be sorted by the number of votes.


Voting is optional. You can enable it by ticking the “Allow voting on bugs” checkbox in your tracker’s settings.


Public trackers are slightly more public

A small change has been made to the workflow for joining public trackers (private trackers are unaffected by this change). Previously, new users needed to join your public tracker to view any of the bugs. Now, anyone can view the bugs in a public tracker without joining. Non-members cannot make changes to any bugs. A message appears within the bug tracker for non-members with a “Join Now” button if they want to comment, tag, or submit new bugs.

New tracker notification settings

Closing #4093, new notification settings have been added. On a tracker by tracker basis, you can now choose whether you want to be notified when bugs are created or deleted or when any bug is tagged, commented on, or closed (not just bugs you are subscribed to). You will find the settings on each bug tracker’s dashboard. Click Settings next to the search bar to choose which notifications you want. This new feature is especially useful for people who run a tracker and want to keep track of every new bug that is submitted.

Tracker notification settings